Did You Know May is National Urgent Care Awareness Month?

Each year, the Urgent Care Association of America recognizes May as National Urgent Care Awareness Month. What National Urgent Care Awareness Month celebrates is the importance of urgent care in the community and the hard work that urgent care medical providers contribute to society every day.

Here at AFC Urgent Care Arlington, since we opened in July 2016, we’ve established ourselves as the go-to destination for walk-in medical care for the community of Arlington, MA. We’re celebrating urgent care awareness month by illustrating the benefits of urgent care over the ER and the primary care physician’s office.

What are the Benefits of Urgent Care Over the ER?

The emergency room is an essential part of every community. For life-threatening injuries and illnesses, there’s no better resource for treatment than the ER. However, for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses, many people visit the ER when they could go to an urgent care center instead, where they would enjoy low-cost care with short wait times. We treat the following conditions:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Strains, Sprains & Back Injuries
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Influenza & Bronchitis Treatment
  • Work-related Injuries
  • Seasonal Allergies

When you go to the ER, you’ll most likely end up waiting hours and hours before seeing a physician. Yet, at AFC Urgent Care Arlington, most patients are in-and-out the door in under an hour. While we specialize in getting patients out the door quickly, we accomplish this without compromising the quality of our care.

What are the Benefits of Urgent Care Over the Primary Care Physician?

Having a primary care physician is important, as it allows your physician to potentially detect an illness early. Yet, in many cases, going to an urgent care center is much more convenient than the primary care physician’s office, or for younger people, the pediatrician’s office. For example, if your child’s going to summer camp, they’ll require a camp physical before camp starts. During the weeks prior to the beginning of summer, many pediatricians are overbooked due to the volume of camp physicals they need to provide.

Here at AFC Urgent Care Arlington, we provide everyday medical services, including sports & camp physicals, urgent care, flu shots and allergy treatment. For more information, call us at 781.648.4572 or visit us any day of the week – no appointment necessary!

We look forward to helping you appreciate the benefits of urgent care!






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