Did you know it’s National Immunization Awareness Month?

What exactly is NIAM?

National immunization month is held every August to raise awareness of the importance of vaccinations. AAP wants to highlight the importance of immunization for all ages. AFC Urgent care supports this cause and we are celebrating NIAM!

Why are vaccines important?

Vaccines help stop us from contracting deadly diseases. It is a common misconception that the disease we heard of from back then is no longer around. (Mumps, typhus, ext). The truth is these diseases are still around but thanks to vaccinations we will rarely ever hear of someone getting these diseases! Children & Adults should always be up to date on their vaccinations, they are safety for ourselves & the whole family.

How you can help spread NIAM

NIAM is about spreading awareness. You can help by doing the same; bring it up to your friends & family! Learn about NIAM and post on social media such as ; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to get other involved. The more people you attract tot NIAM the more impact it will have & our mission of having everyone protected by vaccination will be one step closer!

You can make a difference !

People like YOU are the reason why NIAM exists! Payed ads and articles like this can only go so far. But it is you who can spread the news and be involved in your community. It is 2018 it is time to stop letting diseases from the 1800’s affect our children & loved ones. Spread the word & get out there ! If you or anyone you know still needs a vaccination AFC Urgent care is offering them now! Just call 201-262-2010 today or walk in no appointment needed!




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