Diagnosing & Treating Ticks and Lyme Disease

This time of year deer ticks are a common occurrence, here in New England deer ticks are especially a threat. Most tick bites don’t expose people to Lyme Disease, but deer ticks do. In fact, most deer ticks don’t even carry Lyme Disease but in this part of the country a very significant percentage of deer ticks do. How do you know if the tick you’ve been bitten by puts you at risk for Lyme Disease? First, you want to determine if it was a deer tick. Deer ticks are by and large smaller than all other ticks. Secondly, check for symptoms such as fatigue, joint aches and pains, a target shaped rash and low-grade fevers or chills. If you get bit by a tick remove it and bring it into your doctor’s office. Be very aware of when you or your children are at risk for tick bites and be sure to check your skin and hair for ticks.


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