Diabetes Awareness and the Holidays

Diabetes Awareness Month is November

There’s a reason November is singled out as Diabetes Awareness Month. We want to increase the link between diabetes awareness and the holidays, as they are often seen as  silent partners in crime. As of 2014 in the U.S alone, the National Diabetes Association statistics found that over 25 million people suffer from diabetes, and it is estimated that of those 25 million, about half of those are simply not aware that they are suffering from it, which is why it’s earned the named the ‘silent killer’.

Diabetes Awareness and the holidays:

Over the holidays, with the increase of pies and sweet desserts in general, we see a marked increase of diabetes symptoms, primarily from the undiagnosed and un-controlled cases.

Untreated diabetes can often have devastating and long term effects. When diagnosed and treated at an early stage, however, diabetes is treatable, and most of the treatment is lifestyle related: a healthy lifestyle including exercising, eating right, not smoking, limited alcohol consumption. All help keep diabetes under control. Often times, an oral diabetes medication is needed to control insulin levels as well.

Because November is Diabetes Awareness month, AFC Urgent Care New Bedford wants you to be aware of the symptoms of diabetes, one of the top 3 killers in the U.S. today. Health experts predict that we are inching up to diabetes affecting 33.3% of the U.S. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed below, please get screened for diabetes so that you can get a proper diagnose and be treated before the warning signs manifest into more serious medical  complications, sometimes life threatening, caused by diabetes.

Symptoms of Non Diagnosed Diabetes

Symptoms of diabetes include a number of common ailments that could easily be mistaken for something less serious. These symptoms include blurred vision, weight loss, (regardless of a good diet) increased thirst, increased urination, nerve pain or numbness in hands and or feet.

If left untreated, complications can include severe kidney problems leading to possible dialysis, premature heart attacks or strokes, cuts and infections that can lead to amputation, severe nerve damage that can do the same. On average, a person with diabetes has a life span 10 to 15 years less than a person without diabetes.

Over the holidays we want you to be aware of how you can control diabetes symptoms and be on the lookout for signs of the disease. If you or a loved one is experiencing any of the symptoms above and you have reason to suspect you might have diabetes, please feel free to call us at 508-990-1900 or visit us at 119 Coggeshall St. New Bedford, MA, 02746. 


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