Rapid COVID-19 Testing

Rapid COVID-19 Testing is coming to AFC Urgent Care Clearwater in October 2020. Until then we offer standard PCR testing and antibody testing. Learn more about our current testing capabilities under “coronavirus FAQ” in the menu. 

As we mentioned in our previous blog, rapid covid-19 testing provides a lot of benefits for patients that need to evaluate their symptoms and risks. This is especially true in a state like Florida where COVID-19 cases are likely to eclipse 500,000 in just a few days. The need for rapid testing is widespread as communities and businesses are slowly re-opening and working towards a “new normal.”

Below, we’ve compiled the most common FAQs about COVID-19 rapid testing at AFC Urgent Care Clearwater related to payment, testing specifics, and patient benefits of rapid testing. Please call us if you have any questions or book an appointment in advance if you’d like to schedule a COVID-19 rapid test.

How does rapid COVID-19 testing work?

A rapid COVID-19 test works by taking a swab sample, just like a standard test, and then using a molecular analysis to determine if a patient has an active COVID-19 infection. Rapid diagnostic tests are sometimes confused with antibody tests, which simply determine if a patient is immune from a previous infection.

Rapid coronavirus tests return negative results in as quick as 15 minutes and positive results as quickly as 5 minutes. Urgent care centers like AFC Clearwater can test a greater volume of people to help ease an overload of demand for testing and help patients determine their risks for going back to work or regular activities.

Is there a specific type of COVID-19 test you use?

Yes, AFC Urgent Care Clearwater uses the Abbott ID NOW molecular COVID test to analyze swabs. Abbott is one of the leading manufacturers of portable and high-quality medical devices, which is why AFC Clearwater has added these ID NOW tests to our clinic.

All AFC Urgent Care Clearwater providers are trained in using these devices so patients can get their sample and test directly from one point of contact.

How much does rapid testing cost for me?

Patients that have private insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare are currently covered for standard COVID-19 testing. Under the C.A.R.E.S Act, insurers at both the private and public level must cover COVID-19 testing as a mandatory benefit. However, some insurers may soon lower the benefit for patients for COVID-19 testing including managed Medicaid organizations as well as private companies.

Most patients will have some parts of their rapid testing covered, such as the visit and check-in,  but some may likely require an out-of-pocket cost. If you need additional payment info please contact either A) your health insurance administrator or B) our team for self-pay costs.

Why would I need rapid testing?

Rapid testing allows patients that don’t have immediate symptoms or risk factors to get fast and accessible COVID-19 testing. Standard COVID-19 testing prioritizes high-risk patients over other patient groups to ensure that the most vulnerable patients are tested first. With rapid testing, any patient can visit AFC Urgent Care in a sanitary and socially-distanced setting to determine their risks.

Rapid testing helps patients with limited schedules that need testing to go back to work, or elsewhere, confirm a possible COVID infection. If you have any other questions please reach out to our team immediately!


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