Common Ailments for Children in the Summer

Certain illnesses can be more common in the summer than winter due to the heat and other environmental factors. It can be easy to prevent your child from getting any illnesses through vaccinations or additional precautions. AFC Urgent Care North Bergen can help treat all illnesses that require urgent care but are not life-threatening. Visit us today to help receive diagnosis and treatment.

Sun Stroke or Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is less severe than sunstroke, but they are both caused by the body overheating and dehydration. Severe sweating, pale and clammy skin, muscle cramps, and a fast but weak pulse are all symptoms of heat exhaustion. Sunstroke is a severe medical condition, and it can even be life-threatening. It is one of the most seriously heat-related conditions.

It’s important to stay hydrated if you are outside for extended periods of time during the summer. Try to keep your body cool by wearing flowing clothing that wicks moisture as opposed to tight clothing. Sit in the shade when available to rest your body, and be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Foodborne Illnesses

Bacteria thrive in warm, damp environments. Foodborne illnesses are more common in the summer than any other time due to the temperature and the frequency of patients cooking. Symptoms of foodborne illnesses include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps.

In order to prevent food poisoning this summer, make sure to cook all poultry, beef, and seafood to their proper internal temperatures. Be sure to safely defrost all foods before cooking. Refrigerate all foods within two hours of cooking to avoid any bacteria growth. Lastly, wash your hands and all utensils properly before, during, and after cooking.


Polio is caused by the poliovirus that spreads more easily in warm, tropical climates. Thankfully, with vaccinations, polio has been nearly eradicated. However, it is not gone completely. In most children and adults, polio causes sore throat, nausea, fever, and headache. In those who develop even more severe symptoms, meningitis and paralysis are possible.

Polio is an easily transmittable illness. This means it can easily spread from person to person. The most effective prevention of polio is getting vaccinated. Not only will this keep your child safe, but it can also keep other children safe as well.

AFC North Bergen can help treat many illnesses, but cases such as polio and heatstroke require medical care from a hospital. When in doubt, call 911 or visit your local emergency room for all emergencies.


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