How Do You Get Rid of Cystitis?

According to the Interstitial Cystitis Association, as many as 12 million people living in the United States might be living with interstitial cystitis.

During Bladder Health Month this November, our team at AFC Urgent Care Bronx Webster Ave. wants you to learn about interstitial cystitis and what you can do to find relief.

How Common Is Cystitis?

Although the term cystitis might not be a common one, this type of bladder problem is actually quite common among both men and women of all ages—although it is diagnosed more in women than men.

Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder, often caused by a urinary tract infection.

Symptoms of Cystitis

  • A strong, persistent urge to urinate
  • A burning sensation when urinating
  • Passing frequent, small amounts of urine
  • Blood in the urine
  • Passing cloudy or strong-smelling urine
  • Pelvic discomfort
  • A feeling of pressure in the lower abdomen
  • Low-grade fever

What Causes Cystitis?

As mentioned above, the most common cause of cystitis is a urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infections, also called UTIs, occur when bacteria enters the bladder or urethra and then multiples.

UTIs can occur at any point in the urinary tract system, including the bladder, the kidneys and the urethra, causing inflammation (or cystitis) in the affected area.

Treatment of Cystitis

  • Take an antibiotic to rid the body of bacteria, if prescribed.
  • Take over-the-counter painkillers to ease discomfort.
  • Drink more fluids, such as water, to help flush out the infection.
  • Put a warm hot water bottle on your lower abdomen.
  • Try to rest as much as possible.

Do you think you might be having bladder issues? Stop by AFC Urgent Care Bronx Webster Ave. for a medical evaluation. No appointment is necessary!


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