How Do I Know If My Eye Injury Is Serious?

Summer brings many opportunities to head outdoors and to spend time doing activities that are full of family fun. But with those opportunities comes an increased risk of injuries.

Our team at AFC Urgent Care Bronx 149th wants to offer you tips on how you can stay safe this summer, especially when it comes to preventing an eye injury.

What Is the Most Common Eye Injury?

More than 800,000 eye injuries occur on an annual basis. Fortunately, with the proper precautions, around 90% of eye injuries can be prevented.

Some of the most common eye injuries include a scratched eye (also known as a “corneal abrasion”), a foreign object in the eye, a chemical burn, eye swelling, eye bleeding and orbital blowout fractures. If not treated properly and efficiently, serious damage and even vision loss can occur. Therefore, it is important to seek medical attention for any eye injury.

How to Prevent Eye Injuries

  • Avoid certain toys, such as pellet guns or anything that uses a dart.
  • Wear the proper activity-specific eye protection.
  • Keep objects like rubber bands, fish hooks and paper clips away from children.
  • Stay away from flying debris.

What Are Common Eye Injuries in Sports?

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, more than 40,000 eye injuries occur each year due to a sports-related injury. Fortunately, many of these are preventable if the proper precautions are taken while on the field.

While basketball, baseball, racquet sports and water sports are the most common sports that cause eye injuries, an eye injury can occur at any time with any sport. Therefore, all athletes should make eye safety a priority.

How to Prevent Sports Eye Injuries

  • Wear proper safety goggles.
  • Use batting helmets with face shields.
  • Check your eyegear regularly to ensure nothing is damaged.
  • Avoid wearing regular glasses and sunglasses when playing sports, as they do not offer enough protection.

Did you suffer an eye injury? Visit the AFC Urgent Care Bronx 149th team today for a diagnosis and treatment plan.


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