Some travel hygiene tips for the Holidays

The holidays are here once again which means it is time to go home & see your family. If you are married or in a relationship, you may be traveling to see another family on top of that. Moving around the holidays is something that we all do & unfortunately, it comes with a lot of cons. However, it is what we do to spend time with the ones we love. If you are traveling a long distance, one thing that may be difficult to maintain is your hygiene. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable because of their hygiene, so AFC Urgent Care NewBedford is here to give you some hygiene travel holiday tips!

Wash your hands

When traveling your hands publicly come across a lot of things to hold on to. Your hands come in contact with thousands of germs & bacteria daily! When commuting on a train or plane make sure to keep some hand sanitizer with you. Hand sanitizer is a great solution to wash your hands after a free ride so you can avoid any sicknesses. You should also always wash your hands thoroughly when at the bathroom. Washing your hands for 5-10 seconds will not rid all of the germs on your hands to make sure that you are cleaning them for approximately 30 seconds.

Keep your face clear

The last thing you want to do is come home for some holiday pictures & have all your face not looking its best because it has been weathered from travel. Bringing a travel face wash & moisturizer can do wonders for your face. When sleeping on a plane of a bus, your face will get dirty & a nice fash wash can help your skin keep its natural glow! Also, make sure to bring some lip balm or chapstick. The winter times can be harsh on your lips because of the cold.


You can experience going a long period without having a bathroom to shower in or brush your teeth. If you are expecting a long trip you should pack the following:

  • Travel toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Dry Soap

All of these things are made for people who are on the go so they can stay fresh during their travels. Nobody wants to come home to mom & dad smelling like the Grinch this Christmas! We hope these tips will help you have more clean & comfortable travel this holiday season!


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