How to Create Achievable Wellness Goals for 2020

Year after year, you chant your favorite self-improvement mantra on New Year’s Day. You post colorful notes all over the house to serve as constant reminders. Yet year after year, you fall short of your unrealistic goals, leaving you in a discouraging slump. Ready to make 2020 your year? Learn how to break the habit by making goals that are realistic, relevant, and achievable.


Setting Practical Goals

Setting practical and realistic goals is key to ensuring you don’t end up in disappointment. Set yourself up for success by setting goals that have a high probability of achievement. Consider your strengths and weaknesses, limitations, and time. Make sure your goals are specific and quantitative. For example, a goal of ‘eating less’ should become something more like ‘eat a 1500 maximum calorie meal three times a day’. Having a specific and measurable goal will not only help you stay focused on exactly what you need to do, but will also help you monitor your progress as you go.

Taking Baby Steps

When starting a new year and setting your goals, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to move fast. For 2020, change your pace by starting with small goals that are easily achievable. While it might not sound like much, every small goal you successfully reach is an example of you holding yourself accountable – something necessary no matter what kind of goal you’re trying to reach! Successfully achieving multiple small goals can help you feel inspired and accomplished, putting you in a positive mental space. When you’re setting more difficult or bigger goals, help yourself succeed by allocating your time beforehand. Instead of trying to do everything at once, time allotments can help you chew off a little at a time, keeping you from feeling overwhelmed.

Making a Plan

No matter how eager you are to reach your new goal, avoid jumping in without a plan! Once you have a detailed, quantitative goal set, it’s time to create a plan. When making a goal plan, be sure to consider your limitations, strengths and possible setbacks. Once you’ve taken that into consideration and revising your goal if needed, determine what steps you need to take in order to reach your goal. Remember to be specific about what those steps are! After determining the necessary steps, create a schedule or time allocations as discussed earlier, so you can work towards your goal a little at a time. If you’d like, you can break your goal plan into smaller goals, or milestones, to easily monitor your progress. Be sure to set reminders for yourself and hold yourself accountable – no goal is attainable if you don’t want it bad enough.

Taking Care of Your Health

Creating this new year’s version of yourself is supposed to be fun and rewarding. However, if you don’t allow yourself to sometimes fail, or become discouraged by missing your goals, your mental health can take a big hit. Lessen your stress by coming in for a wellness check this 2020! Our staff at AFC Urgent Care New Bedford will give you an assessment, as well as all the tools you need to stay on track of your New Year’s goals. We also provide physicals, so if one of your goals involves health, let us do the tracking and monitoring for you. Call and schedule an appointment for the New Year, and for a new you!


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