Holiday Safety Tips in 2020

Safety during the holiday season is an essential focus. There are many things that could end in disaster if the proper precautions are not taken. Christmas tree fires happen every year and can result in thousands of dollars of damage. It is more likely for someone to accidentally burn themselves while cooking or on decorations during the Christmas season. For any accident that may happen this holiday season, keep your family safe with AFC Urgent Care New Bedford.

Christmas Tree Fires

On average, there are 160 Christmas tree fires every year. If you are someone who prefers a real tree to an artificial one, there are many things you can do to prevent a fire in your home this season. Always cut the bottom of your tree so it is fresh and can take in as much water as possible – dry trees are more likely to catch fire. Additionally, make sure your tree has fresh water every day. Throw out any old or damaged lights or extension cords, and do not place your tree near any heaters or ovens. Make sure you turn the lights off on your tree every night and do not leave it on for too long.

Other Burn Precautions

Cooking is one of the major starting points for fires during the holidays. Even if it does not end in a full-blown flame, it is always possible to accidentally burn yourself on a hot pan or the oven. Never put water on a flame that has started from the stovetop, as it may be a grease fire, and water will ignite it even further. The best course of action is to smother the flame. Candles and lights may also start fires in the home. Anything with an open flame should not be near anything flammable – including curtains, decorations, or the Christmas tree. Some strings of lights can become very hot and result in burns or a fire. Be sure lights are not damaged, and their cords are of the best quality. Allow lights enough time to cool off before handling. Do not try to wrap up and put away lights that are still hot from being on.

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Knowing basic first-aid can help save someone’s life this season. Learn basic first-aid tips here. For more information on keeping your loved ones safe this Christmas, give us a call at 508-990-1900 or visit our clinic.


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