Unexpected Benefits of Weight Loss

There are some well-known physical benefits to weight loss, such as improving joint health, lowering the risk of developing diabetes, and others. What are some of the unexpected benefits of weight loss? Call AFC Urgent Care West Hartford for health information and other health services. Our staff can provide resources for all relevant health concerns you may have. 

You’re less likely to get sick from a virus

Obesity is directly linked with having impaired immune function. This increases a patient’s chance of getting a serious illness and developing complications that may need hospitalization. Those that are overweight are considered at high risk for serious illnesses such as COVID-19. 

Food may begin to taste better

Those who are overweight have less sensitive taste buds than those at a normal weight. By losing weight, you are more likely to enjoy the taste of all foods that may not have been as enjoyable before. It may be best to try healthier foods you did not enjoy before. The taste may have changed, and they could become your favorite meal or snack. 

Your memory may improve

Being overweight can be the reason patients have had difficulty remembering certain names or events. Studies have found that women have performed better on memory tests after losing a certain amount of weight. Once losing weight, it may become easier to remember specific details, and your overall memory may improve. 

The quality of your skin will improve

The quality of your hair and skin can be a direct result of the nutrients you receive through certain foods. With those that are overweight, it is likely they are not getting the proper nutrients that they need. Once losing weight and eating healthy, it can be extremely possible for hair to become less limp and lifeless and one’s complexion to become more clear and hydrated. 

It becomes easier to keep the weight off

When you lose weight, it becomes easier for your body to produce the hormones it needs to keep the weight off. Additionally, you will have more energy. When overweight, there is more stress on your joints and muscles, causing your body to exert more energy than normal. By losing weight, you are less like to get tired and sit down as frequently as before. Also, being overweight increases your chance of snoring and developing sleep apnea. These factors disrupt sleep patterns and, over time, deplete the body of energy. 


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