Symptoms of Strep Throat

Caused by bacteria, strep throat can be very painful and can leave patients desperate for relief. It’s important to recognize the symptoms of strep throat and then visit AFC Urgent Care West Hartford to get immediate relief. Our clinic provides rapid strep tests as well as cultures that offer results in a few days. From there, our physicians can prescribe the proper medications to help relieve symptoms. 

Symptoms of Strep Throat

Symptoms of strep typically show up very quickly. They will begin anywhere from one to three days after exposure. Signs of strep include:

  • A sore throat that can have severe pain
  • Painful swallowing
  • Red, swollen tonsils that can have white patches on them
  • Fever
  • Headache

Not everyone experiences the same symptoms, and some may be more severe than others. Some patients can also have a sore throat and fever without it being strep. This is why it is best to go to an urgent care to get tested. Antibiotics will not help against sore throats that are caused by a virus. 

Warning Signs

Strep throat can cause other health conditions such as rheumatic fever or kidney inflammation. This is why it’s important to see a doctor and receive treatment. Some warning signs with strep throat can include a 101-degree fever that lasts more than a few days, trouble breathing, or a sore throat with a rash. While strep typically affects children and teenagers, young children may experience worse symptoms. 

Treatment Options

If the rapid and culture come back positive for strep, your physician can prescribe an antibiotic. Antibiotics typically help relieve symptoms within two days of starting them. Additionally, 24 hours on an antibiotic normally makes patients no longer contagious. It’s also important to take the entire prescribed amount as directed. Stopping an antibiotic early can make the illness come back and make antibiotics less effective. 

If the test comes back negative, antibiotics will not be an effective treatment. Your doctor may also suggest testing you for mono, as strep and mono share many of the same symptoms. In this case, a steroid may be prescribed to help with swelling and pain. Ibuprofen and Tylenol can be used to help reduce a fever or pain if both mono and strep tests come back negative. With any illness, get plenty of rest and stay hydrated. Mono and strep can leave a patient feeling very fatigued, so rest can help build up the immune system. 


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