Don’t Sneeze Your Way Into The Flu

It may already be October but scary movies aren’t the only thing you need to be afraid of this Halloween! It is still Flu season! Contrary to popular belief, flu season is from early Septemeber to mid-December! Flu season is still in full effect however & you still need to protect yourself from it even if you have already received your flu shot! Your Flu shot is only 80-85% effective which means there is still a lot of room for infection. One of the best ways to beat the flu is to wash your hands!

How often should you wash your hands?

A normal amount of times to wash your hands is about 10-12 times a day! If this seems like a high number to you, odds are because you don’t wash your hands enough throughout the day. Your hands acquire thousands of germs a day. A lot of things can give you harmful germs, some of these things include:

  • Petting a dog/animals
  • Having a public commute & touching railings
  • Coming into contact with someone who’s sick
  • Touching plants / outdoor objects

If you are asking yourself, how you can wash your hands without any sink nearby, the answer is to bring hand sanitizer! Hand Sanitizer is an acceptable alternative to washing your hands because it kills off bacteria & virus.

How should you wash your hands?

Washing your hands is something that everyone should already know, however throwing water on your hands after you use the bathroom for a couple of seconds & then drying them off does is not an acceptable way to wash your hands. When you wash your hands you should be using warm water. It is proven that warm water kills germs. You should also be using soap that says it kills bacteria. Some soaps are made for cleaning dishes or material, these are not the soaps you should be using for your hands! Next, you should be washing your hands for about 30-45 seconds! If you need a reference of time instead of counting the seconds just sing happy birthday in your head. The song is roughly about 30-45 seconds long!
We hope these tips will help you keep the flu away this year! If you have any more problems please call us at  508.990.1900 


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