Can Shoveling Snow Lead to a Heart Attack?

As the snow pours from the sky today, AFC Urgent Care wants you to be aware of the warning signs of a heart attack. You may not see the connection here, but in fact the link between shoveling all this snow and a heart attack is becoming more evident. Over the course of the winter, heart attack and back injury are among the physical injuries that are at the forefront.

Why is that, you might ask? It takes a decent amount of physical effort to shovel snow, and often puts unnecessary strain on your heart. This is especially the case when our winter storm lasts for hours and sometimes require multiple rounds of snow shoveling, or when the snow is especially dense. Knowing the warning signs of a heart attack is crucial. There are often  times when a person experiencing a heart attack may not even be sure of what is happening. We want to prevent this. If you find yourself plowing through this heavy snow and experiencing any of these symptoms, do not wait to seek medical help.

Warning Signs of a Heart Attack:

1. Chest discomfort or pressure (may last for longer than a few minutes, or be reoccurring)
2. Shortness of breath
3. Cold sweats
4. Lightheadedness
5. Heartburn and/or indigestion
6. Nausea

The most common heart attack symptom for both men and women is chest pain/discomfort. However, women are more likely to experience the other symptoms such as shortness of breath and nausea.

Half a million women in America die each year due to heart-related complications. This is an astounding statistic. People 1 year or older can reduce their risk of having heart complications by making healthy lifestyle and diet changes and seeking appropriate treatment for medical conditions.

What to do if someone is having a heart attack:

Some heart attacks are sudden but most occur slowly with mild symptoms. Often people are not aware of what is going on and are unable to diagnose their symptoms. For this reason, Urgent Care is dedicated to promoting heart health tips and awareness of cardiovascular disease.  When experiencing any heart attack symptoms, it is important to act as fast as possible. Call 911 if you believe you or a loved one is having a heart attack.


If you are not sure of your symptoms, have it checked out or contact us at AFC Urgent Care West Hartford, no appointment needed, 7 days a week from 8am-8pm weekdays, 8am-5pm weekends, at (860) 986-6440


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