AFC Urgent Care Addresses 2018 Flu Season

Jay Fedak, AFC Urgent Care Physician Assistant addresses this years tough flu season.

The H3N2 influenza, which is primarily what we are seeing this year,  is proving to be a strong one to battle. In this video, Jay gives actionable, preventative steps to combat the flu, including getting the flu vaccine, and more tips that we need to pay attention to, not the least of which is wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!

Come into any of the Connecticut AFC urgent care centers- any of the 3 Danbury centers, West Hartford, New Britain or Vernon CT for your flu shot, which can prevent, or at the very least, lessen both the length and the strength of the virus, or if you are not sure if it is flu,  to be tested.

This is an especially virulent strain of flu and we want everyone to be on top of it so that they can prevent and combat the spread of the virus.


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