Beware of Black Ice

Winter might not be in full effect everywhere but it is slowly creeping up on the rest of us.  Winter Storm Jonas managed to disturb every state along the I-95 corridor to some degree.  But here in New England, if the storm isn’t categorized as a Blizzard, we often mark down the harshness of the storm.  However, 46 people lost their life as a result of last weekend’s storm. Most of these fatalities were a result of either roofs collapsing, car accidents or people slipping on ice.  When you slip on the ice, it can be an embarrassing moment for you, but hopefully you are able to laugh about it later on.  However, walking on ice is extremely dangerous.  Icy and snowy conditions are some of the most common causes of slip and fall injuries on ice-covered sidewalks, steps, driveways, and parking lots.

Black ice forms when the air is at 32 degrees or below at the surface and some form of precipitation is falling.  The prime times for the development of this ice are around dawn and in the late evening, when temperatures are typically the lowest.  The temperature should reach above freezing in our area for the next few days, so this process will likely repeat itself.  The most common locations where you will find black ice are shaded or tree-covered parts of driveways and roadways due to the lack of sunlight and bridges and overpasses because of their ability to freeze quickly.  Keep your steps and walkways as free of ice as possible by using rock salt or another chemical de-icing compound. Sand may also be used on walkways to reduce the risk of slipping.

If you need treatment from a slip and fall this winter, visit AFC Urgent Care Stamford or call us with your questions.

If you or a loved one was injured after slipping and falling on an ice at their place of work, AFC Urgent Care Stamford offers Workers’ Compensation care.


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