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The team at AFC Urgent Care Baytown understands how wonderful it is to finally be able to free your feet from shoes now that the weather is warm. However, as you are letting your feet “breathe” in the fresh air, be sure to take notice of what health signs your feet might also be giving you this summer.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

By now, some of you have probably already freed your feet from closed-toe shoes. You might have already gotten a pedicure to make your feet presentable. But you should also take a look at your feet to see if they’re giving you SOS signals.

For one, hair loss on your feet can indicate that you have poor circulation. You can check your circulation by testing the pulse on your ankle. If you aren’t sure if you’re testing it right or are having a hard time locating the pulse on your ankle, visit our physician for help.

Second, while your air conditioner might be turned on high during the next few months, your feet being cold all the time can be the result of something other than the cool indoor air. Hypothyroidism, where your thyroid gland isn’t as active as it needs to be, can cause your feet to be cold. Dry skin, fatigue and unexplained weight gain can also signal hypothyroidism.

Finally, difficulty walking on your feet can be a sign of a number of health issues. While you may experience some normal aches and pains in your feet when starting an exercise routine (or amping up your normal routine), if staying on your feet is difficult, you may want to talk with your physician about what could be causing the pain.

Do you feel as though your feet are trying to make a statement about your health? Speak to a physician at AFC Urgent Care Baytown who can help uncover and treat the underlying medical issue.



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