Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

The great thing about seasons changing is the fact that you can use the time as a fresh start, including a new beginning toward better health. And on Wednesday, Sept. 21, summer will officially end, which means this month is the perfect opportunity to get back on track with your health and kick those bad summer habits!

Have a Healthy Fall

Take advantage of what the fall season has to offer by turning these joys of autumn into healthy habits.

For instance, the pumpkins of fall are more than just for jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. In fact, they’re actually a friend to your health, packed with antioxidants and pumpkin seeds that can help lower cholesterol.

In addition, while these next few months might bring the flu virus, it also supplies the flu shot. And as we all know, the best way to prevent the flu is to receive a flu shot! Be sure to stop by our urgent care center in the next few weeks when we obtain our flu vaccines in order to help better protect you and your family from the flu this year.

Don’t forget—just because the temperatures are getting cooler doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from the great outdoors! Take a hike with Fido, bike ride with friends or take a walk around the block with the kids while going on a scavenger hunt. You will still obtain the benefits of vitamin D from the sun even when it isn’t beating down on you with the hot, summer heat.

Are you ready to get your health back on track so that you can enjoy all that the fall season has in store for you? Visit our website to learn how we can assist you in making sure your health is where it needs to be, through both wellness checks and vaccinations.


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