Don’t Get Sad – Get Glad

We all have our sad moments. Such is life. However, when it becomes a daily occurrence, and you begin having more sad days than good, something needs to happen so that you are able to function again. Here are some tips to help ease your seasonal depression.

Beat Seasonal Depression

While there’s nothing fun about seasonal affective disorder (SAD), the good news is that it’s curable. It’s best to seek help and treatment as soon as symptoms begin to appear.

While most physicians around the U.S. recommend their patients trying light-box therapy, the wonderful thing about our area is the fact that it stays sunnier and warmer longer. One of the reasons SAD occurs is because of a person’s lack of exposure to sunlight. During the summer, people have a tendency to try and go outdoors often. However, when school is back in session, everyone has a tendency to stay indoors more. Try to get out and obtain at least 30 minutes of exercise a day in order to keep your vitamin D up!

Exercise is another way to help beat the blues. By moving, you get your endorphins flowing, which helps to promote happiness and ease stress. Take advantage of the cooler days of fall and winter by going for a run outdoors. This will help with light therapy, as well.

Sleeping issues tend to come with depression. Yet, a good night’s sleep is needed in order to help combat depression. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is key to your health—both in overcoming SAD and other medical issues, too.

Do you feel like seasonal allergies and illness are causing your depression? Stop by our urgent care center today to see if our treatment plan can help you feel as good as new!



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