Be of Good Cheer—Not More Pounds—This Year

It’s the season everyone looks forward to, but the one everyone dreads after stepping on the scale. How can you not eat all the delicious food made available during the holidays? There are even holiday baking parties being scheduled during the entire month up until Christmas! But believe it or not, it is possible to avoid holiday weight gain this December. Here’s how!

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Leave the shaking his belly like a bowl full of jelly to Mr. Claus. Instead, follow these tips to help keep your waistline trim this holiday season.

First, never arrive hungry. Remember how bad an idea that is when grocery shopping? The same is true when attending a holiday party. Now, this isn’t to say you need to come full, but try to have a snack that includes a healthy protein beforehand. Once you’re at the party, fill your plate with fruits, vegetables and lean proteins, then try a few treats. Before you go back for seconds, drink a glass of water and wait a few minutes to ensure you’re actually hungry and not just eating because the food is available.

Second, focus on something other than food. Is there a friend at the holiday get-together who you haven’t seen in a while? Spend your time catching up instead of consuming the delicious hors d’oeuvres. Are you thinking about changing up your holiday decorations next year? Take notes on what the party’s host did this year and what ideas you can steal.

Finally, don’t skip the sweets, but don’t overindulge, either. Keep a pace that doesn’t allow for overeating when it comes to the dessert table. Take small portions, and try to limit how many you put on your plate. You just want to choose enough of a selection to “take a taste.”

Are you planning to start a new exercise routine to avoid gaining weight this winter holiday? Visit our urgent care center today to ensure your health is ready for a change in workouts.



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