Autism Awareness Month: How to Help Bring Attention to the Cause

Autism is a huge factor in the lives of millions of people all over the globe. Whether it be a friend, brother, parent, or family member, autism is likely to influence the lives of everyone or someone close to everyone. Even if a personal friend or loved one does not have Autism, it probably has affected the lives of many, in significant ways and small. Understanding Autism is tricky, especially for those who do not know someone with the condition. Luckily, April is Autism Awareness Month and helps to remind people that knowing this cause deserves awareness and attention.

Understanding Autism

April events surrounding Autism Awareness Month seek to build an understanding of the causes and effects of Autism on individuals and families. The key to the month of campaigns and public service announcements is inclusion. Autism is not a condition in which an individual should be deemed as different or separate from those without the condition. For a long time, developmental differences caused by medical conditions like Autism were seen as a reason to treat those affected differently. Autism Awareness Month crushes that stigma, highlighting self-determination and capability rather than disadvantages.

Ways to Spread Autism Awareness

The first and most straightforward way to spread Autism awareness is to first and foremost be tuned into the news and events surrounding the condition.


Subscriptions to newsletters through various national and local Autism organizations keep audiences in the know. There are a lot of different organizations, but a popular one is Autism Matters newsletter, a group central to Autism Awareness Month. These newsletters not only help keep interested individuals informed on Autism related news but serve as an excellent tool to pass along to others. With social media and email serving as an excellent resource for information sharing, the newsletter and others like it are invaluable for sharing awareness.

Local Events and Organizations

Like mentioned in the paragraph above, local Autism organizations are an excellent tool for helping awareness spread in communities. There are a lot of events that Autism organizations put on at a local level and participating or volunteering can be very important. Many fundraisers rely on volunteers to help put on events that raise money to further the cause, and if a few hours could mean an event goes smoothly, that can be incredibly crucial to a local organization. It’s also a great way to connect with others interested in making sure Autism is strong in awareness and support.


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