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An Updated 2020 Urgent Care Checklist for Denver Families

2020 is the most challenging year for families of all sizes because of the impact of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. No matter where you live, or your current status, the virus has made life difficult. The economic, social, and healthcare impacts of COVID-19 are immense and drastically altered the day-to-day life of each person. For Denver families, the changes in urgent care access, need, and preventive care are now creating a “new normal” in how we manage our routine health needs.

Normally, families could book urgent care services and get care on the same day for injuries, illness symptoms, and routine exams for employment or disease prevention. Healthcare needs for families continue to exist but now face other potential barriers due to COVID-19. Each family member may now need remote care access, COVID-19 testing, and infection-controlled urgent care to ensure that a healthcare visit does not lead to an infection. The usual annual checklist that families used to keep their children and loved ones healthy should be modified to account for potential COVID risks.

At AFC Urgent Care Denver, our clinics ensure that healthcare access and urgent care access is open for patients that need COVID-related care or traditional urgent care. Families that want to go the extra step for planning their next urgent care visit can follow our new checklist that is updated to address the unique and complex healthcare challenges of 2020:

Item 1: Remote screenings and COVID-19 Testing

Many patients may want to book COVID-19 tests for their family members to check for an infection. Employees looking to return to work may also want to get a COVID test as instructed by a current or new employer. COVID-19 Testing in Denver, CO is available for all AFC Urgent Care Denver patients that need a fast and reliable test. However, before a test patients can quickly evaluate their need for a test through telemedicine and remote screenings.

Telemedicine services are designed to ensure that patients can safely stay in their homes while getting an evaluation of symptoms from an urgent care provider. Providers are connected through a smartphone or computer, with video access, to fully evaluate your risks and needs for COVID-19. A remote care visit also allows a provider to administer illness symptom treatment if you have allergies, a common cold, or another acute non-COVID illness.

Booking a remote screening is a great way to save time and plan your family’s next healthcare visit with more awareness and preparation. If the need for COVID testing arises, then try any of our AFC Denver urgent care centers to help get sanitary in-person testing. We also offer drive-up care and testing so you don’t need to leave your car.

Item 2: Sudden injury treatment throughout the year

Summertime is usually when childhood injuries spike. As children go outside, play, and enjoy other recreational activities the likelihood of a mild to moderate injury increases. If your child need injury treatment do not hesitate to go to an urgent care center.

Healthcare providers across the country implemented CDC-recommended infection control procedures to maintain social distancing for patients in healthcare offices, disinfect surfaces throughout the day, and minimize contact within exam rooms. Patients may likely think that routine or sudden injury treatment is likely to cause a COVID-19 infection, but healthcare providers can provide care without these risks. Infection control at your nearby urgent care center ensures that in-person injury treatment is safe and accessible.

Item 3: Physicals for employment, school, and return-to-w0rk

Parents must be ready to potentially go back to work or send their child back to school. Some communities are slowly re-opening public services and businesses which will require preventive care physicals for returning students and workers. If you need an updated physical for return-to-work, back-to-school, or DOT physicals simply book a new physical at any AFC Urgent Care Denver location.

Employment, school, and return-to-work physicals are always available for patients in clean, private, and santiatry examination rooms.

Item 4: Flu shots and illness treatment for common infections and COVID-19

By Autumn, patients will need to likely prepare for another surge in COVID case as well traditional seasonal illnesses like influenza and the common cold. Hopefully, vaccines for COVID-19 will be available while flu shots and vaccinations for other illnesses are crucial. Two major viruses can cause even more disruption in your daily life, so it helps to prepare for multiple illnesses after the summer.

Remember to get your flu shot, get tested for coronavirus when needed, and ensure that you are visiting your local urgent care provider routinely!


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