Allergies & Asthma

Living with allergies or asthma is an unpleasant reality for a large number of people. Unfortunately, asthma and allergies tend to go hand in hand. Understanding how they’re related and what the key differences are will make identifying and treating your symptoms more manageable. The providers at AFC Urgent Care Methuen can provide information and health recommendations for those who have asthma. Seasonal allergy treatment is also offered for those who may need it.

Risks of Asthma

Asthma can make it difficult to breathe and even impact your day-to-day life. Uncontrolled asthma can become life-threatening. Asthma symptoms are different for everyone, but the most common symptoms include coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

Those with severe allergies are at higher risk of developing asthma if they do not have it already. This can make allergy season extraordinarily uncomfortable or even dangerous. Pollen is a major contributor to allergy attacks.

How Allergies & Asthma Are Related

People with asthma are typical allergy sufferers too. In fact, allergies are a significant asthma trigger! Allergens that cause a runny or stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and coughing will also irritate your lungs. For someone whose lungs are already strained from asthma, that irritation is enough to trigger an asthma attack that may require emergency treatment. Asthma can be triggered by other things too, but allergies are a very common and almost unavoidable trigger this time of year. Learn more about how asthma and allergies are related.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Diagnosing asthma is usually done by evaluating your symptoms and triggers and administering some basic breathing tests to see how well your lungs function. Asthma treatments range from daily preventative care to only emergency care when your asthma flares up.

For most asthma patients, it takes a little trial and error to find the best treatment plan. The most important aspect of managing your asthma is avoiding known asthma triggers as much as possible. For instance, if you determine that exercising in cold weather triggers your asthma, your doctor will likely advise against exercising in the cold weather. It’s easier and healthier to adapt your lifestyle around your asthma triggers than to risk having frequent asthma attacks.

Allergies are diagnosed using testing and can be treated using over-the-counter or prescription allergy medications. Allergy shots are a long-term treatment option that can actually lower your allergic response over time. Diagnosing and treating allergies is a key part of maintaining asthma symptoms since unchecked allergens can be triggering. Contact your primary care provider or visit AFC Urgent Care Methuen today to get same-day care for your uncomfortable allergy and asthma symptoms. During your visit, you can get a referral to an asthma and allergy specialist to develop a personalized treatment plan!


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