Allergens in Your Home

Did you know there are allergens in your home right now? Even in the cleanest of homes, dust and other allergens are hiding in plain sight. There’s nothing you can do to eliminate allergens completely. Still, you can target some of the most common problem areas of the home to limit the number of allergy attacks plaguing your family. Let’s break it down one room at a time to learn more about the allergens that are all around you!

AFC Urgent Care North Andover provides allergy relief treatment for all patients who may need it. Our providers can recommend and prescribe medications to help alleviate symptoms.

Bedroom Allergens

The worst place for allergens in your bedroom is the bed itself. A large mattress with multiple different sheets and blankets on top of it creates the perfect spot for dust mites to hide. Use dust-mite prevention covers on your mattress, box spring, and pillows. Your sheets should be washed in hot water at least once a week to remove any allergens and dust. Get a comforter made of synthetic materials to deter allergens from settling on the fabric.

Living Room Allergens

You can lower the number of allergens in your living room by limiting the amount of fabric and carpet. Making the switch to hardwood or another hard surface for flooring instead of carpets will make a big difference! If you have to use carpet, try to find something with shorter fibers that will be easier to clean with a vacuum and carpet cleaner. A washable area rug is a modern way to add comfort to the space without collecting allergens. Swapping out fabric-covered furniture for wood, leather, or plastic furniture is a great option too!

Allergens Throughout the Home

The rest of your home needs similar care as the bedroom and living room. As a general rule, eliminate unnecessary fabric coverings and opt for synthetic fabric materials when you can. Avoid opening windows during the spring and summer, and rely on your AC instead. Although the fresh air may be nice, it won’t be worth it when you’re dealing with uncomfortable allergy symptoms!

Ensure your kitchen and bathroom have working vents that can be turned on as needed during showers or cooking to manage the moisture levels. This works to prevent mold growth, which is another common household allergen.

You can view a comprehensive list of possible allergens in every room of your home. Use over-the-counter or prescription allergy medications to manage your symptoms while you work on creating an allergy-friendly home! 


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