Adjusting Your Exercises for Colder Weather

With the temperatures dropping and the last warm days giving into fall, your exercise routine is bound to change, incorporating more indoor activities rather than running or outdoor classes. Movement increases during the colder months because you are spending more time indoors, which leads to a heightened risk of injury. In order to prevent getting hurt, follow these tips while switching from your summer workout routine to your winter exercises.

Start small and ease your way in

When you start new exercises, your body requires time to learn and be conditioned to the new movements. Jumping in headfirst leaves your muscles more prone to tearing, or for a fracture if you misstep. When you start a new exercise, or one you haven’t done in a few months, only do 10% of the workout. Increase the number by 10% each week in order to condition your body to new movements and stimulate dormant muscles.

Always stretch before you exercise

you might be excited to get started with your exercises as soon as you get to the gym, but that can lead to you getting hurt. Make sure you perform light to moderate stretches, depending on the intensity of your workout and the part of your body you are planning on focusing on that day. Stretching stimulates your muscles and gets them ready for your workout, strengthening the area instead of overworking it. Injuries can keep you out of the gym for a few weeks to several months as you heal and rehabilitate the injured area.

Listen to your body

You may be tempted to keep going when you start to feel “the burn”: the sensation in your muscles that accompanies a strenuous workout. Listening to your body is important, and continuing to exercise after you feel sore can lead to serious injuries that require months of healing followed by months of physical therapy and rehab. Once you start to feel tired, don’t push yourself to go harder. Call it a night and come back in the next few days so you have time to rest.

Don’t work out alone!

If you are new to the gym or want to learn new exercises, work with a trainer or a specialist who can help teach you the best forms of training for your body. If you don’t want to go to the gym alone, bring a friend along to exercise together while you learn proper technique and use of the machines.

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