A Quick Guide Of What Urgent Care Can Do For You

A Quick Guide Of What Urgent Care Can Do For You

When the emergency room just isn’t an option, you should have an alternative when you need family quick care. A walk in health clinic, like urgent care facilities, can help you find the care you need without the chaos (and the bill) of the emergency room. With over 6,800 urgent care facilities in the United States, you’ll be sure to find a walk in health clinic convenient to your location. But some people aren’t sure of just what urgent care facilities can offer them, in terms of care and experience. Here’s a quick guide to help you get up-to-speed.

Nearly 50% of all urgent care facilities are owned by a physician or a group of physicians, and nearly 60% of them have a wait time of less than 15 minutes. In 65% of urgent care walk in health clinics, a physician is on-site at all times, giving you the best care possible at any time. Some centers even offer after hours urgent care, and emergency walk in clinics, so you don’t have to rely on the emergency room to deal with your medical issue. Medical situations like sprains, bruises, colds, and bites/stings are all situations where you could visit a walk in health clinic.

If you’ve had negative experiences with the hospital emergency rooms, or are just looking for an easier alternative for your medical issues, visit an urgent care facility. They can offer x-rays, flu shots, physical examinations, various body scans, and more. Most of the walk in health clinics in your area will be able to take your insurance, making it easier than ever to treat your unforeseen medical problems. That being said, if you are experiencing chest pain, make sure you skip the urgent care and head to the emergency room immediately. You never want to chance a real medical emergency.

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