5 Work Safety Tips Every Employee Should Follow

Creating a safe work environment is based on how well everyone in your organization communicates and adheres to safety policies.

By instilling a workplace safety policy, your company will reap the benefits of having a consistent flow of productivity, less cases of absenteeism, lower turnover rate, and a decrease in workers’ compensation claims.

There are actionable measures everyone can do daily to ensure a higher level of assurance and productivity that will lead to a decrease in work-related injuries.  Here some workplace safety tips you can implement to ensure that your employees are working in a safe environment.

  1. Prevent slip and falls: Slips, trips, and falls are a few of the leading causes of illnesses and nonfatal occupational injuries. To prevent these injuries, your floors should be clean and dry, you should install warning signs for troublesome blind spots, keep aisles and walkways clear of items, and replace damaged flooring.
  2. Take regular breaks: Some work-related illnesses and injuries are caused employees feeling overworked, tired, or unconscious of their surroundings. The best way to avoid such a hazard is to make sure everyone takes regular breaks throughout the day.
  3. Use equipment properly: It’s vital to make sure that staff members are using tools and machines properly and never take shortcuts to avoid injuries that come along with improper use of tools or utilizing the incorrect tool for a certain task.
  4. Use proper form: Whether you’re working in an office or doing construction work, protect your back by practicing good posture.
  5. Eliminate fire hazards: Keep combustible materials in the work areas only in amounts required for the job, and practice housekeeping by clearing out cluttered areas regularly dusting.

At AFC Urgent Care Stamford, we want to make sure your employees are in good health and can get the job done well.  Some of our occupational health services we provide include:

  • Treatment for minor work-related injuries: this includes treatment for minor cuts that require stitching, bandaging, fractures, sprains, rashes. We also can conduct x-rays on-site with our state-of-the-art lab equipment.
  • Pre-employment physicals: to ensure your new hire or potential candidate is fully equipped to handle any given task with no hindrance with a pre-existing medical condition.
  • DOT Physicals: for drivers looking to obtain their commercial driver’s license and that they are capable of handling commercial vehicles.
  • Drug testing: to ensure that your employees are working in a safe and substance-free environment.

For more information about our occupational health services, please call to speak with one of our medical professionals at 203-969-2000.










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