3 Ways to Prevent Back-to-School Bugs

With the first days of fall come the drop in temperature, shorter days, change in foliage and the flu season, with the cold and flu viruses running rampant through your community. Not all illnesses are easily preventable, but there are several steps you can take to prevent the cold and flu virus from wreaking havoc on your home and forcing you to take time off from work or school.

Make healthy lifestyle choices

the easiest way to prevent getting sick this fall and winter is by making healthy life choices. Making sure you are eating well, getting enough vegetables, fruits and exercise and sleep will help give your body the nutrients and rest needed to keep you going all day and keep your immune system active. Washing your hands throughout the day will also kill the germs on your hand from contact with shared railings, utensils, doorknobs and surfaces.

Clean and disinfect your surroundings

Germs are a natural part of your life, lying on everything from your table top to your computer keyboard to the steering wheel of your car. Take some time to make sure these surfaces are disinfected by taking time either once a day or once a week to wipe down each surface, removing dust, crumbs and other debris. Dust can trigger allergic reactions, and removing the source will leave you breathing in cleaner air and keeping your lungs healthier. This can be especially helpful if a member of your family or workplace is sick and you share common surfaces or items. You can disinfect your surfaces by using disinfectant wipes (visit your local office supply store for appropriate cleaning agents for electronics), and keep your hands cleaning by using hand sanitizer when you can’t wash them.

Get your flu shot

The flu shot is only effective for one season, which is why it is important to get a new dosage every year. After the shot takes full effect, usually about two weeks after your appointment, you will be immune to the current strain, preventing symptoms including headache, fever, nausea and chills from derailing your routine. In addition to keeping your family from catching the flu, you’ll be able to stop the spread of it through your workplace.

Are you beginning to find yourself sniffling or experiencing fevers? Visit AFC Urgent Care Paramus today to get your flu shot and receive treatment for acute illness. We accept walk-in patients seven days a week. For questions, please call 201-262-2010.


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