3 Tips for Pumpkin Carving Safety

Halloween is approaching & we here at AFC Urgent Care NewBedford want you to get into the spooky spirit! Halloween is full of frights, creepy costumes & of course decorations! One of the decoration tables of Halloween is, of course, the jack-o-lantern. Now is the time to start carving your pumpkins so they can be nice & fresh for Halloween day. Unfortunately, hundreds of injuries occur a year carving pumpkins! Follow these steps so you know what to look out for this Halloween when carving your pumpkins!

1. Clean everything

Carving a pumpkin measn you have to use some sharp utensils, & having a dirty workspace can prove to be troublesome. The first thing you should do make sure there are no objects on the floor or on the surface of where you will out down your pumpkin. If you are walking with a knife & then trip over something on the floor you are putting yourself at risk for a serious injury. We recommend you put down newspapers after wiping down the surface to contain the mess & make sure nothing is slippery! After you have the area set then you have to wash all of your utensils. If you have a knife that’s rusty or dirty or even a poker that can be dirty then there is a possibility that you can get into an incident to make sure everything is clean before use!

2. Don’t Sharpen knives

Sharpening knives may seem like the best thing to do before carving pumpkins but it’s actually one of the worst things you can do. We’re not saying to use a dull knife to carve a pumpkin that is bad too! For the most part, if you are carving a pumpkin you are not familiar with the metrics of the pumpkin, this means that you do not know the amount of pressure it takes to carve a pumpkin. If you sharpen a knife & then cut into a pumpkin you can cut straight through & injure yourself!

3. Buy a kit

The easiest way to avoid injury while carving a pumpkin is to buy a pumpkin carving kit! The pumpkin carving kit will come with tools that are meant to carve a pumpkin. This eliminates the use of knives or home tools that could result in injury. The kits usually come with some stencils & designs that can be fun for the kids & family!


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