I Don’t Know If I Need Stitches

People are often telling us they don’t know when they need stitches. This Medical Minute is here to answer all your questions.
Whether or not you need stitches depends on a variety of factors.

Factors you must consider…

  • how big the wound is
  • how deep it is
  •  where on the body it is located

It is important to come on in to our west Hartford urgent care center, go to your doctor or visit the  hospital ER if you think you may need stitches or simply do not know. Do not wait to see what will happen to the injury over time. Having an open wound for a long period of time is a major cause of infection. Because the skin is the body’s protective layer from bacteria, you want to make sure cuts are dealt with properly and within 24 hours. This being said, keeping a cut clean if the first step that must be taken after getting an injury.

What steps should you take immediately following a bad cut

  • Clean the wound thoroughly using either a mild soap and water or Hydrogen Peroxoide
  • Apply an antibacterial ointment such as Neosporin  Bacitracin or simply use Vaseline
  •  Apply pressure to the  wound to help stop bleeding applying-pressure

If after applying pressure bleeding does not stop, more measures must be taken. Stitches or another method of skin repair will be needed. These different methods include Dermabond, tape or another form of bandaging.
At AFC West Hartford,  we wish you a safe and happy rest of summer. Use  our online check in to save time at your next visit.
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