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Have Some Healthy January Fun in Baytown!

Boost Your Physical ActivityHappy first month of 2017! It’s the month where your resolutions are in full swing, and you have all the energy behind them in order to make them happen. If you’re like many people, one of your resolutions for this year is to lose weight and become healthier. Take small steps now to make it happen!

Boost Your Physical Activity in 2017

The idea of getting more fit in the new year is easy. Actually doing so is the hard part. But whether you’re at work or at home, there are always ways to add some physical activity into your day to help make physical activity a habit.

For example, at home, normal activities such as taking the dog for a walk, performing housework, gardening
or walking to the store instead of driving can help give you a start in building up to a more vigorous exercise routine. Try a little each day to work up to at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity daily.

Think it’s all work and no exercise? Guess again! While at work, you can start improving your physical health by taking the stairs instead of using the elevator, using half your lunch break to walk around the building or standing for periods of time while working throughout the day instead of sitting all day. This gets blood flowing and muscles working throughout the day. After a week or two, you should start noticing a difference, and might find that you are more productive than in months past!

Baytown Sports makes available a number of different activities throughout the year—from softball and soccer to flag football and much more. What activity are you most excited about getting involved in this year?

*One of the great things about living in Baytown is that the area provides a number of athletic opportunities for both children and adults. But first, stop by for a physical exam to ensure your health is ready for your next adventure!*