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Your Guide to Regular Checkups

StethoscopeWe make time for business meetings. We make time for our children’s vaccines and six-month dental appointments. We make time to take a dog to the groomer. However, when was the last time you made the time for a health checkup? If it’s been longer than a year, it’s been too long!

Make Your Health a Priority

Regular checkups allow physicians and patients alike to stay ahead of the game where a patient’s health is concerned. The best way to stay healthy is to practice preventive medicine. That means staying up-to-date on checkups, vaccinations and screenings. Screenings allow your doctor to find serious medical conditions in their earliest stages, when they are most easily treated.

Screening tests are recommended based on age, gender, ethnicity and family history. When you’re due for a screening, stop by our urgent care center, where we can assist with blood pressure and cholesterol checks, eye exams, and cancer screenings, among other routine tests. Talk with our experienced physician on-site who can help you decide how frequently you need certain screenings to make certain your health remains in good shape.

Life can become crazy—fast! Don’t worry about making an appointment with us. When you have a moment, visit to our urgent care center for a wellness check.